our award winning projects

Portfolio 1

AVTS, Audio Video Texting Solution, is a gift from heaven for telecom companies.

Portfolio 2

GetZend is a meditation app that empowers users to free themselves from the shackles of day to day stress.

Portfolio 3
Financial Desk

Financial Desk 360 is a news aggregator app that pull finance news from reliable sources and present on a user-friendly, interface.

Portfolio 4
I Am Karachi Rescue

I Am Karachi Rescue is an initiative of I Am Karachi- an app built to bring together Karachiites under one roof.

Datamark Toners
Portfolio 5
Zaair Guide

Zaair Guide is an all-inclusive app for people looking to get to know more about the Ziarat (holiest places in Iran, Iraq and Syria).

Zaair Guide
Portfolio 6
I Am Karachi

I Am Karachi is a mobile and web-based application, developed for a noble cause- providing Karachiites a digitally-active platform


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