About Us

We are a fully-integrated design and development agency rooted in Canada, with its regional office in Karachi. Our focus is always on setting result-driven standards for every project while keeping the cost to a minimum. When you collaborate with us, you will be working with a heterogeneous mix of art directors, design engineers, code masters and quality assurance specialists who bring a wealth of experience to the project and help us assure completely reliable, secure and transparent work.

Vanguard Services Difference

Vanguard Matrix, Inc. is run by a group of highly-dedicated and seasoned professionals, coming from diverse industries including graphic design, video animation, software development, and more. Drawing on the collective expertise of each other, we help businesses generate greater outcome and hence long-lasting success.

Our team – that consists of designers, developers, video animators, editors and quality assurance experts – aims to laden clients with wide-ranging solutions for a quick, reliable and secure business. We have divided our core operations in two categories: Development (Software, Apps and Webs) and Design (Logos, Marketing Collaterals and Animations)

We can help you build productive applications for mobile and website, elegant designs for corporate logo and branding, and enterprise softwares.

27 years in Information Technology
450+ IT professionals
124 active customers from 33 countries
24/7, 7 days a week

Reasons We Are the Ideal Choice for You

We bring in a collective experience of 20+ years, which is why we are able to represent your brand in an efficient way.

Increase in Conversion

Boost in Revenue

Customer Satisfaction

Regular Customers

Increased Referrals

  • Expertise
  • Expertise
  • Expertise
  • Expertise
  • Expertise
  • Expertise
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Mission-Critical Expertise

Design and development is our bread and butter, and our tools of trades are:

Frontend and Back-end Development

Mobile Development (Native, Hybrid, Cross-Platform)

CMS Development

Software Development

Quality Testing

Things We Live For

  • Successful Solutions. We come every morning and work round the clock to formulate and propose solutions that are bespoke and result-oriented.
  • Winning Apps App stores are brimming with millions of apps, and we proudly say that our apps are the ones that stick out
  • Boosted RevenueWe create products that are built to meet the needs of your users and hence bring you more revenue.
  • Meaningful DesignsEvery sketch we design, be it a logo for a business or a 3d character for a video, we ensure that there is a deep meaning behind it.

Reasons We Are a Leading Software Development Company

Diverse Team

Specialists from many industries

Huge Clientele

Our customer base extends to a global scale


We are an established business with an HQ in Canada and regional office in Karachi

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